Wednesday, 13 November 2013's HOLIDAY!!!!!


i'm all home now...kekeke~~
i'm overloaded euphoric now because yeah, y'know...


too many plans for this holiday and I still don't figure out on what to do first~~~in fact such a very very loooonngggggggggg list for the HOLIDAY PLANS. but yeah, maybe I'll be startin' on finishing my series e-novel-it's started to get attention from e-novel readers so yay for me..hhehe..



I'm kinda sad too~~


A had said this thing long time ago and i was like-haha, A's just kiddin'. not that A will leave me and the other fact, the process for moving to other school (for my school) is quite strict and trust me, you can't easily get out just like that. so that's what I thought 'bout before when A said that..

it turned out to be a VERY SERIOUS MERIOUS MATTER..gosh..A really is serious about moving out from our school. my other pal (named B) once said that it's good for A to move out. I was like...WTF?!! Then B said that..well A is  a kind of person which can't quite fit in with the strict rules of our school. so if A moves out, she won't get into troubles(like the one when she got caught of illegally bringing phone to school..duh). and so..I was like..o..kay. What B said totally makes sense. I admit.

yet I'm sad. she's so nice and funny and kinda crazy and everything that I couldn't list on. I've heard this saying; until the well runs dry, only that people will figure out how much valuable the well is. Same goes to me now, so boo-hoo for me. (-_-'')..this week i've spent all the time with A knowing that she'll not be right by my side soon. maybe I'm sounded way tooo corny here so duh..whatever. this week i've felt the fear of losing her. and I think it goes the same for her. A's always be with me this week. and that's wayyy making me more and more gloomy-ish. and so, I drew a picture of me and A and my other best pals(knowing that i've talent in drawing..hehe..head's high up in the sky..kekeke) and me and my pals also wrote some wishes for sweet're we~~so when she got it she was like..OMG! thanks make me wanna cry~~~huhuhuhu..and we promised to GITA*. may our friendship will last mean..will last till JANNAH. insya-ALLAH..

o..kay. now end of story. i'm gonna have my very late lunch now..adiosss!!

*GITA->Get In Touch Always



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