Friday, 21 September 2012


something has just run in my mind~~~
it's kinda funny,,i thought~~kekekekeke

i've been dreamin' that there's a 'namja', who always visit my blog, waitin' for my upcoming posts, and fall in love with my posts~~(truth to be told, i hope that it would be like-the 'namja' is fallin' in love with me without knowing who am i....)-that would make a sweet fairytale~~kekekeke (*_*)

the namja might be a cute one, or a gentleman one(even it's not my dream-guy-type) or a mister-ice-prince-type...oh, and maybe is a bad boy type???? hahahhaha~~~day-dreamin' is fun!

well,,,it's kinda fun....(*naughtyface*)
maybe i just have to wait for that 'namja'~~kekekekekekee~~(^_~)

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