Thursday, 8 November 2012


By the time you were studying
for the upcoming exam
I was at the mall 
hanging out with my friends
By the time you were tryin' to call me
asking me out for a date
But I was on the phone with other guy

*I think I should've told you before
That I'll never be a good girlfriend
I'm just a girl that
make your life life turns into an utter chaos

I'm not a perfect girl
I'm a horrible person
I'm always leavin' everyone else
to sweep up the mess
I'm not the perfect for you
oh why that you love me even if I'm so bad
i'm tellin' you
I'm not the perfect for you

You're so caring 'bout me
Wonderin' if I was sick
But I told you to go away
You're always protecting me from all those hurdles
But I was just heaping all those hates on you
Never knowing how ungrateful I was

repeat *
repeat c/o

Now I realize
How much you really mean to me
Now I know
Why do you love me so much

You said that you love the way I am
You said that I'm also full of graces
You said that I'm the perfect thing for you
Then you pulled out a ring
And said "will you marry me?"

Feels like dream comes true
and I said yes..

repeat c/o

I'm not a good girl
But you said that I'm the best one
I'm the perfect thing for you
and you don't think that I'm bad
I'm the perfect for you

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