Wednesday, 16 October 2013

never give up

We run to our prepschools
As we leave our schools behind
I already know it but why do you keep teaching it again, uh
Only yawns from teacher's words
Only scribbles from the drawing paper called, blackboard
Taking thousand dollars private lessons
This system that emphasizes grades over friendships
This pressure called exams
This burden called, college
The stress that are building up
Would my parents know?

I like walking loosely
But why do you only want straight posture
My dream is to hold a mic and rap
But again, I grab a pen and write down math formulas today
Yeah, things that we learn at school
Are losing dreams and always giving up
Do what you like
Love what you do
Ask yourself, what you wanna do

Never give up
Cheer up, toward your dreams

Never give up
Get up, get up, you can do it
Wake up, wake up
Don't worry, everything will be fine
Never give up
Because it's you, it's you
Believe in yourself

Never give up

(this is the translation for a korean song-Never Give Up by BYG and Zelo of B.A.P)

it kinda gives me lil' hope to keep going on and fighting on what I'm doing now..hahaha..(now I sound like Oprah or what??..) but school can't just come into a halt...can you even imagine how harsh it is that they force us to start sticking our noses into form 4 books already right after we just finished a major exam???!!hessyyy...what's so grand 'bout making the school lines among the top tiers? I just can't get the point..students come to school to get guidance in being a better person NOT for being robots for the school to be on top! well, they should at least..give us a little..little space for enjoying stuff we want to do...then they can make us robots again. tp ni x...shari lpas pmr ja dh wat orang tension..p&p classes all over the days plus extra classes!!!siap ada test lg lpas tu!!and then klau flop..kena denda..haisyyy!!(now I'm crinkled with frustating defiance)..mybe org len akan rasa yg aku just making a rebel act here...but heyy..get a grip! ini namanya hak kebebasan bersuara kan?? whatever...NEVER GIVE UP!!!hahaha~~(merapu habis aku ni..)

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