Friday, 16 August 2013

It's time

time flies like an arrow, huh?it's been about two weeks of holiday and I'm just about to realize that today's the end!!! today's 10th day of Eid, already?? thank God I've taken a look at the calendar or else I won't back to school today's evening~~(frankly, I wish I didn't..:-p ) I wish we had summer holiday which is for about 3 months!!!! Nah,,we only got 2 weeks...(duhhh....)..aigoooo~~~~still don't get enough of K-thingy yettttt~~~~p/s: it's typical, ay? time goes, we say-ah! no!,,alas time stays, we go. There's a quote saying; time's a dressmaker specializing in alterations.'as salamah wa ilalliqa'..assalamualaikum..(~_~)
  • typing off with a woe heart,

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