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-then,,,,EXO'S COMEBACK OVERDOSE OMG~~When the news about their 2014's comeback were spreading,,,,I WAS TOTALLY EXCITED OMG~~I would talk bout it every time with my buddies-every rumor,every single update bout it~~and when the teasers came out,,,asdfghjklasdfghjk~~We felt like crying~~I had high expectation in this comeback so I waited for this PATIENTLY (can't even describe how PATIENT I was that time). When the leaked dance practice video was spreading, I couldn't help but to watch it eventho it's only EXO-K. The SONG and DANCE are both AMAZING,,,so I kept waiting with high expectation...but,,,,but,,,,SADLY,,,their comeback was delayed because of the sudden tragedy of SEWOL~TT__TT soooo sad~thus, so many shows were delayed due to the tragedy. And  when it's time, I WAS REALLY HAPPY. The MV's really DAEBAK~~(eventho I prefer Growl better)~I actually don't like the idea of them promoting as EXO-K and EXO-M. It just doesn't feel right. But since, Suho said that don't be worry of that because they've got special things to show, so I'm just like...okay. I'll wait. whatever, I'm OVERDOSED by this song and I REALLY LOVE the song, THUNDER, which is also Lay's favourite song. Moonlight is BEAUTIFUL too. Love, Love, Love is a very UNIQUE song (I like the *earth,air,water,fire* and rap part). Run is EXCITING too~~I'm like,,,,A-YO,A-YO!!

-okay,,,,this is the SADDEST part,,,,,KRIS LEAVING EXO!!!!! TTTTT______TTTTT
this happened during my exam week and it left me and my 'Oh!K-pop United' pals devastated. I CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE HOW DID WE LOOK LIKE THAT WEEK. gosh,,, I don't even and never expect this kind of thing would happen to EXO. well, I did acknowledge what had happened to SMent artists before-DBSK and SuJu but it never crossed my mind that it would be the same to EXO. I felt very disappointed that Kris wanted to terminate his contract with SMent. I do know about how things go around SMent. I DO really acknowledge about how SMent treats their artists UNFAIRLY,,(it's OBVIOUS lol, look at SNSD and f(x),,,y'know what I mean). I felt sorry with uri WU YI FAN~OMG,,plus HE IS SICK~~sob,,,sob,,,sob,,and it just doesn't feel so right ...Other members were disappointed with his action especially Suho~They had gone through a lot because of this issue- the preparations for their solo con had to be changed all over a week before the concert. The rapper-line and dancer-line suffered a lot because of that. I KNOW..T__T. I...just don't know what to say anymore. Lots of fan wars happen,,some prefer OT12 and hating OT11,,some prefer OT11 and hating Kris and some even LEFT the fandom (goshh,,-_-)~whatever, I will always be rooting for both EXO and Kris. For me, Kris will always be a part of EXO and EXO's GALAXY~for me hoping for him to come back, it's impossible, I know. whatever, but please update  something bout you, Fan Fan ge~~~(@___@)

we believe in you Kris
miss this moment~;-(


-okay,,,now. I can cope with the whole thingy bout Kris. I can now PERFECTLY OKAY with EXO as 11 eventho it feels kinda...weird. okay,,,now imma going to talk about WIN. I'm really a big fan of WIN. It's hard to choose between Team A and Team B coz both have their own uniqueness. I kinda...go with Team A-Kang Seung Yoon, Nam Taehyun, Song Minho, Kim Jinwoo and Lee Seunghoon (my biases are Mino and Jinwoo.XD). Each of them has a distinct feature and they potray their own uniqueness. While with Team B,, they have a kind of fresh style and burning youth spirit as they're younger than Team A. whatever, so this holiday, I watched 'WIN: Who Is Next' again from the beginning as last year I only watched the last two episodes. plus, I love the ep when they're battling with JYP trainees. There were JACKSON, MARK(OMG HE LOOKED SOOO SKINNY THAT TIME), YUGYEOM AND BAMBAM. hahahaha,,this is soo out of topic. This competition was really heart-wrecking, heart-wrenching and HEARTLESS. Both teams suffered and sacrificed a lot in the battle yet only ONE would get to debut. I felt very sorry with Team B- B.I, Jinhwan, Bobby, Joonhye, Yoonhyung, Donghyuk (OMG MY BIASES ARE B.I AND JINHWAN) I was really happy that Team A won-they've became WINNER now. At the final battle, I WAS TOUCHED by Team B's song, CLIMAX. B.I's solo rap~~T__T. so sentimental OMG~ Team A's song, Go Up is a kind of song that gives HOPE and I like it.

whatever, but I JUST REALLY FRUSTRATED WITH THE FACT THAT WINNER HASN'T DEBUTED YET!!! What's wrong with Papa YG?!! I'm tired with his empty promises,,huh~~whatever, I just want them debut A.S.A.P!!!

and,,, I'm REALLY EUPHORIC upon hearing that Team B's going to have their own reality show OMG!!! IMMA DYING TO SEE CHARISMATIC B.I AND OLDEST CUTIE JINHWAN!!!! There's a possibility for their debut too, but I don't want to have such an early expectation yet as I know how YG works things out. whatever, IMMA JUST LOVING THEM VERY MUCH OMG MY FEELS~~It's kinda sad that my sisters and pals,,,,they don't really into YGent. They thought that almost all YG artists don't have good visuals..? so, they aren't really interested with Winner and Team B. OMG THEY JUST HAVEN'T WATCHED WIN YET, HOW COULD THEY SAY THAT~~~well,,I shall wait and see. They'll soon fall head over heels with them. I CROSSED MY FINGER.

-so,,,this is Song Minho a.k.a Mino. He's a 93-er, one of the oldest hyung line. He's actually going to debut as Block B but he didn't and started training in YG. He's an AMAZING and BRILLIANT rapper. Among the rappers of YG trainees, I prefer him the most. He has a really unique and good flow and tone in rap. I started to get to know him when I listened to his track with Zico- 4 My Town. that's really badass,,imma tellin' ya. So, I was really excited upon hearing that he would be in that program.

charismatic yet dorky rapper

-this is Kim Jinwoo, the oldest in YG trainees. He's a 91-er. He's a sub-vocalist. In the beginning of this show, I felt very sorry for him because well,,,in Team A's vocal line, there are Seungyoon-who's known as having a very unique tone of singing voice and Nam Taehyun-who got a such golden voice. Jinwoo,,although his vocal doesn't reach KSY and NTH level, but he made impressive improvement during the battle. whatever, I LOVE HIS DEER EYES OMG~~

bling~bling~deer eyed-guy~~

-this is Kim Hanbin a.k.a B.I~he's a 96-er (just two years older than me,,yay). He's the leader of Team B,,imma tellin' ya,, a CHARISMATIC LEADER-just watch that show, if y'don't believe me. plus, he's a GENIUS RAPPER and DANCER~He's been dubbed as the 2nd G-Dragon-this is NO JOKE~HE STARTED TRAINING AT 12- this is really NO JOKE~this dude is like a gold to YG, I think..?
omg~s000 cute my dear B.I

so cute~~~squishy jinhwan~~(@___@)

-then...this is the oldest hyung in Team B, Kim Jinhwan~he's a 94-er. If B.I's the 2nd GD,,,then this guy's the 2nd Taeyang,,,got a very nice voice and good moves~~He's such a patient oldest hyung-go and watch Team B's prank camera toward him~ohh,,yeah. I LOVE HIS CUTE NOSE LOL, SUE ME.

OKAY,,THAT'S ALL FOR THIS POST~THERE'S SO MUCH TO RANT ABOUT LOLSXD~~I think I'm going to continue in next post or something~~okkk,,blablabala~~i'm gettin' nonsense here, so annyeong~(gomawo, for those who read this,,,well, altho I know there will be no one~~kekekeke)


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